As many of youz no our greet furiend @marleyterrier did go OTRB yestredee, I wrote dis letter two him and i finks I shuld share it wif you all.



Dearest Mawley, i bin dreadin dis news fer many a long time now. I noes how much youz bin struggling wif youz healf. I just wanna sayas how sad we is heer, Pa cant stop weepin or Ma eiver. I noes you gone to a luvlee place wear yous feel no pain and youz breafing be a lot easier.

I just wanna says just how much youz meen to us Mawley, youz is one of me favouryte pals and I look up to youz my furiend. Youz alwayes dere fer all of us even though youz be going fru a lot of fings youz self youz neva komplain or looks fer sympathy. Youz has helped so many of us fru our darkest days always finkin of others befor youz self. Fer dis is da reason we is all so upset now.

Da bestest I can does is try two bee tru to youz and live my life tinking all da time “What would Mawley do?”

Forgives us pleesed fer cryin but todaee be very sad day, tomorro we celebrate all wat was great about bein youz furiend but fer todaee dat just seem two bee impossible.

Fank youz fer lettin us bee a part of youz life, we much da betta fer it.

I says not good bye buddy but “See youz soon”


Yous Pal, a verry sad Baksta




Update and da big move



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Dis lastest week bin one of da worstest in me life. Just ober a week ago weez all find out dat our furiend, da wonderfull @keely_bobs was reel sick and dat da neus wasnt gud. Keely had da big C and not a good outcome was gunna result.

Very quicklee, much mer quicklee dan we kould all imagein fings went reel bad and last Friday Keely went ober da rainbow bridge. I wakes up da nextest day to da worstest neus youz can get about a close furiend. She leeves behind @ourwinniepup and one of me bestest mates in da werld @puppynumber7 aka Tom. I is distraut fer dem caus we just dunt noes wen dis sorta fing gunna happen.

She also leaves behing Tom’s MIL, fer her me feels da worstest of all she has lost her best buddy and furiend.

No werds can replace da burning in dere heart dat dere Kelly is nolonga wif us all.

I try and try to werk out da werds dat i kould say to makes dem all feel betta but fer once nuffing wood come out and I just not have nuffing. It furst makes me feel like me was lettin dem all doon by hasing nuffing to says but den wen me fink furtha i realise dat just meen dat me cares so much dat no werds can express just how upset and worryed i feel fer Tom, Winny and MIL.

To the free of you I say, weez heer youz pain, weez feel youz pain, weez wish dere was some ways dat we kould take some of that pain away frum youz and inflict it upon ourselfs but noes dat dere aint.

Onlee time be able to heel da scar in yer heart but dis I can promyse, in da days to come da raw pain deminish and more and more memmories of da great times dat youz all had will flood yer mind. Dis is gud so dont fight it and just accept it, dat wat Keely wood want.


Two Keely, youz is sorely missed by all yer anipals be rest assured dat we is all keepin a eye on Tom, Winny and especiallee MIL. We doin da bestest we can two make der transition less paynfull.

Relax now Keely your time on this Earth is over, your pain is over. We carry on doin all we can do two makes you prowd of us all and livin our life in a ways two onour youz memory. Youz leave behind the loves of yer life but rest in da nollege dat da bestest parts of you live wif them and wif us all fer eva.

***Baksta runs to the top of the nearest hill***


Baksta 😦


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Me Pa bin away stayin wif friends doon in Te Anau doin sum fotograffyn and whisky tastin. Dat meen dat he be leaven me and Jess and Ma two luk afta ourselfs. We not happi dat da Pa dun did do dis but sometymes he need two get away so I guess it ok.

Wile he be dere stayin wif Sarah and Dave he also be stayin wif der furpal Chalky. He be such a cool dude, so casual about fings me wish dat me was so cool.

Pa fink Chalky lubbly but it not bee until da Pa got told bout Chalky story buy Dave dat it got reel interesting.

Da storee be dat Chalky wuz a fighter pilot in da Secend Werld War, he flew Spits. WOW dat bee reel  excitin der fer Chalky but da storee got even more xcite fer me when I get told it.

He wuz a Spitfire pilot durin da Battle of Britain and Chalky telt Pa da reel storee of dat time. It bee da reel truf about wat happen not like da movie version.

Squadron Leader Chalky Chalk Chalk DFC was based at RAF Northolt just outside Lundun durin da Battle and he be dere bestest pilot dat wuz dere fer da hole war. In late Octoba 1940 durin de dark days Chalky wuz going up and shootin at da baddies comin down fer nom’s and goin straite back up to shootin at more baddies free or foor times every day but on dis one day da Air Force dun did run outa amunishion and all da otha pilots said “Weez cant goes up we got no ammo Chalky”. Chalky replies “Leeve it two me lads youz sit back and have youzselfs a rest”

Chalky runns fast as his legs does take him to da nom’s tent and gets all da potatos he can find. Dis wear Chalky shows he supa intelligunt cause we all noes dat no doggies like potatos so he not in any danger of usin his own nom’s.

He den jumps in his Spit, da ground crew shout out chalks away Chalks, dere favouryte joke, and off Squadron Leader Chalky Chalk Chalk DFC goes to take on da might of Hitlers Luftwaffe all on his lonesum.

He gets up into da sky and comes accross a squadron of Heinkel HE 111 dat he meditally ingage soes to try to get dem before day drop dere bombs on de poor peeple of Lundun. He flyes straite at dem and at da last minute veers away and throws potatos at dem wif all his mite. He so strong dat de bombers do get smashed in da front and da German pilots do has to bail out and be captured, mostlee by da Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard.

Chalky does be clever nuff to let one solo bomba goes back to France wears it does did come from so day can telt dat Hermun Gooering about da secret weepon dat’ Da Chalkmeister’ done invent. Dat bad Mr Gooering do be so scared dat da next day and fer many moore afta dat der bee no German Bombas coming two Lundun to drop der bombs.

Chalky be a hero of da biggest orda but because of da secreecy of da potato power it wuz neva telt to da public in case dat de Germans find out and try two do it back two da British. Chalky neva got da rekognishion dat he shuld have all in da names of safety and da winning of da war. He did howeva get to have nom’s wif da Queen Elizabeth and her corgies as a specul honour.

Wow what a hero.

Squadron Leader Chalky Chalk Chalk DFC now retired two Te Anau and live in the luxury wif da Sarah and Dave wear he get to sun puddle all day and go on walkies and chase possoms and rabbits, he got da life he deserve. In da evenings he can be seen wif a baconbeer in hand telling all de stories of da war but you will neva heer him telting dis storee as he doesnt like to brag about wat he dun.

He a hero two us all.

Cheers Chalky…………….

Until next time, Baksta BOL

On de 4th of Murch dis yeer we all did loose a awesum furiend in @HighlandHamish it were a tragedy and me and all me anipals were reel unhappie but my too worstest affected anipals was @LoopeyDoops and @GuntherGrunts cause day be his BFF bigger dan any BFF me has eva known. They is a couple, Loopey and Gunfer, and day was goin two get married. Day wuz so upset dat day couldnt stand a big weddin wifout Hammy dere so on da 9th of Murch day did elloppe and get marry on da quieter.

When me found dis out I wanted to gib dem a pressent specul fer dem and I thunk and thunk and thunk and I ask Pa and I not no wat be apropreeiatee fer dem and den capow dere wuz me idea. I thunk it wuz briulliunt but Pa says dat maybe I should leeve it a few week cause it maybe be betta if I gib dem time to greeve fer Hammy furst.

Dis be da storee of dere Wedding Present.

Ok now youz no da bakgrund I take da tayle frum wear I done did arrive at Gunfers hoose……….

I jumps outa da limmo dat I hired and does saunter all kasual like up two Gunfers door, ***knock, knock** “You home Gunfer” he comes two de door “Youz gotta drop everyfing it be yer weddin present day!”. He goes on about blah blah “No need Baksta” and all dat garbuage but when me tells him we now off to pick up da lovlee Loopey he cant get in da car quicklee enuff.

Den we off to Loopey hoose, it be lucki Gunfer wuz wif me kause me cant quite member where Loopey hoose wuz. Yes you guess it stoopid Baksta leeve his adress book at home on da bench. “Righto Loopey” me says when da lovlee gurl comes to da door, “We is off on a big adventur, dont worry Gunfer be in da limmo suppin shampaigne”. Well blow me she was zoomin dat fast to get to da limmo she did nock me ova.

When me gets in da limmo, well da lovlee couple not seen each otha fer a while so it was gettin lyttle hot if you knows what I meen!!!

“Stop dat youz too we on a mission, put yer seat belts on” kause me alwayes finking of safety.

We open da sunruf kause it a lovlee day and fer anover reeson dat bekome evident shortlee!!

What a lovlee drive it be we had da bestest catchin up on da ride and I had course organysed lotta luvvlee nibbles and noms for da ride, a doggie noes no venture be right wifout lotta noms!!!!

We talk bout lotta fings, da weddin, keepfits, all our otha great furiends but most of all Loopey and Gunfer reminiss about dere greet furiend and BFF Hammy. It wuz lublee to heer all da stories, some of dem dat I not heer before you kould just tell how much day be missin him. I just sit in da corner and soak it all up, it wuz lubbly.

We drive and drive till it get dark…….


Den we be arrivin at our destination….da cloud wuz just startin to cleer and it wuz gunna be da perfuct night fer what me had bin planning fer da lastest munf.

Neiver Loopey or Gunfer had been heer before and neiver of dem had any idea wat it might be dat we pull up at. “You just have to be patient Gunfer and wait!!” me says in me stern voice cause he be askin question afta question and to be onest I fink Loopey be gettin sick of him as well, in a lovin way of kourse.

We gets out of da limmo and walks two de frunt door of dis lublee buildin…..

We nocks at da door, I must admit even me wuz a lyttle bit scared at what might happen nows even though me noes what we doin. Gunfer held Loopey close being da supa usband he bee. Dere be a eye look fru da peepwhole.

“Yes” da voice sayes. “Hi I Baksta I made pointment to comes tonite to do da fing dat youz do fer me furiends. Heer day are Gunfer and Loopey”.

A big voice booms bak “Come in then”. We all go in wif great n treppidation. I dunt know why we wuz frightuned cause da man behind da door wuz quite luvlee. “I’ll take you to see the master of the house then, here we are, Sir Patrick Moore”. “Sir Patrick, heres Loopey, Gunfer and Baksta for the appointment that Baksta made a couple of weeks ago”


We had da small talk fer a wee while, da weatha and da like but still Loopey and Gunfer had no ideas wat day be doin heer. We even had some tea and scones, yum yum more noms.

Sir Patrick den ask Gunfer and Loopey bout Hammy, all about his life and how day did all meet and lots of stuff bout him. It be a lubby storee so me enjoyee listining two it gain. I fink Sir Patrick found it gud as well cause he listen fer ages. Den his assistant do comes in and says “It is the correct time now Sir Patrick…”

We walkie into his next room and der be a big tellyscope, Sir Patrick says ” Im going to show you the night sky as you have never seen it before and amaze you with what we find”. We all looks fru da telescope, it specul one wif foor eyepieces. We sees da moon, den Mars, Veenis, Saturn wif its rings dat look likey Lifesavers and den me sees me favouryte, Pluto.

“Now Loopey and Gunfer………..” Sir Patrick sayes “I want you to look harder into the night sky please”.

“What do you see….”. Gunfer squints and says

“I sees lotts of little lights in da sky all flickering….”

“Keep looking closer there, what do you see now, see the Star in the middle of the circle there. The brightest one………”. Loopey, Gunther and Baksta all look as hard as they can!!

“We are going to zoom in really close on that star and see just what is there”. The free of us be blowen way buy just whats we can sees and are eager to sees just what Sir Patrick will be showin us now. Kaboom it just got huge.


“Keep looking there and we will set the zoom to maximum and see just what we can…..”. Da machyne groans and graunches and kerdunk it zooms in even mour, it take us all a wiles to focus den we sees wat I brung dem here to sees……….

“There you are” says Sir Patrick. “I believe that to be your furiend Hammy looking down on you from his star in the night sky. It’s a special star because it’s always visible on every night and all day and all the time Hammy is watching over you both. He is watching now and waving to you.”

Gunfer and Loopey wave bak and right at dat moment theys heer frum outsid da Baksta who had snuck way when day were not lookin….

“AAAAARRRRRRROOOOOOOO”. Dere not a dry eye in da hoose even me finks Sir Patrick had a wee tear.

Day looked and looked at Hammy fer ages and ages and ages and ages but den da sun did come up and weez kuld no longa see Hammy fer dat night. Not until dark tomorro wuld he be seen.

Sir Patrick explain how he can alwayes sees us but weez not alwayes sees him but dat he alwayes watchin us……….

We goes out da door yo da waitin limmo as Sir Patrick says “Now that you two know which star is now Hammy’s home every time you look up to the sky you will be able to see him and know he is always watching over and protecting you”

“Fanking youz Sir Patrick” weez all shout as we go towards da car….


Gunter and Loopey are reel tyred and immeditally fall sleepy in da car fer da long drive homes. We drives fer bout too ours and da limmo driva stops at da beech da Baksta had choosun. We jumps out and Loopey and Gunfer has a sniff round and sends a few pee-mails while, unknown to dem da driva and me sets up der gourmet breakfust right der on da beech. Youz dudnt fink we go dat long wifout noms did you realee????

“Hey Loopey and Gunfer her youz breakfust” me shouts. Day wander s down da beach and sits and eats der lubbly noms while lookin at da view. Who knows, apart from Hammy, what day wuz talkin bout.


A while lata day bee reel tyred and readee to goes homes again. Off we goes and day bof falls sleep immeditalee snuggled up toghetha. I takes dem home and carrie dem inside carefull not two wake eiver of dem as day bof are prettie spent now and need nappin.


I hopes da likey dere Weddin Pressent


Until next time, Baksta BOL

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Its bin a longest time…

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Hi all, it bee a longer time since me bloggy cause me Pa bin reel slack and he not let me on da computa at all. I just wanna share dis foto dat we done did take fer me Crossmus. I fink I look stoopid but Jess say me look ok. She alwayes sayes dis den go away giggling behind her paw. I not sure I trust her…….

Protector of the Amsters

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My furiend on twitta, @henryandfriends do be da bestest furiend a puppy could have he so concerned for ourwell being and healf. He do run #keepfits on a Fursdee night his time in da UK (Pa say dat a long way from Noo Zeelund) and da Fridee morning time where I is.
Each time we do go we do lots of streeeechin and relaxxxxin den we do ecercise nd if we good we get to finnish off by chasing his pet amsters.

I used to fink day look tasty and always wanna catch dem amsters but Henri do convert me into finking day be my furiends. I now da biggest protector of da amsters, I kinda da Greenpeace for Amsters and I done did get a title it be “Protecter of da Amsters”.
I now training de amsters so day go fasta and do be impossible to catch. Me also organised “cuddles wif amsters” afta each #keepfits class so all my furiends can get to know da amsters like I do.
I so proud of my job I takin it serious I now got a masseuse for da hamsters and also a specul amster jackuzzie for dem. I suggest a ice baf for dem but day ask for a beer fridge instead, I gotta fink bout dat!!!!


Baxter PODA (dat be Protecter of da Amsters)

Update and da big move

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Well since me birfdee a lotta stuff done did happen in my wee life.

It was real hot afta my birfdee and da city was gettin back ta normul afta da biggy earfquaky in Septemba and den da big afta shakey we hab on Bocksing Day.

Not nice dat one at all, I was in da hoose and Pa was on da chair when it happened. I was so scary dat I did jump on to of da Pa and did stay dere all day cause me couldnt stop shaky.

So anyway we carry on frough Januree and into Februraree and da world do be gettin back to normul den on da 22nd all hell broke lose, we had a huge aftashakey, it be da scaryest yet. I was home lone wif Jess and I didnt know what be happen, all da stuff in da hoose did fall on us and it be real scary.

Pa be in da carpark at dat moment and do be taking a foto of the markings in da carpark when da shaky do start, he say it be his mostset powerful image he eber taken. It be taken right at da time da shaky do start.
I do be scared caus afta Pa and Ma got home and find me I not wanna come out from unda da rubble even when I no it be dem and I no day protect me. Stoopid Baksta. De big aftashakys continue all night and I wasnt allowed in da hoose cause Pa be fraid it fall ova so me sleep in da car wif Jess. She be real brave I so look up to her. We had to evacuate da nextest day and it not be till we got outa town dat Ma and Pa find out just how bad it be. Look like dere be nearly 200 peoples dead. Dat so sad……….
We all got to Temuka bout 2 hours away from home and da hoomons stop for coffee and see da paper, it be da firstest time I sea Pa lauf and Ma finally stop cryin and got a wee smile on her face. Dere be a list of people dat othas be lookin for dat nobodee heard from and right in da middle be furiends looking for @baxter_man, geez I have some awesome furiends on twitta BOL.
So anyways we keep headin souf to stay wif Sammyman and his brofur da cat called Zac, Sammy is cool but me finks Zac not like me. He be old and grumpy and da real boss of da hoose. Me not cross him and we be ok, well dat what Pa said.
We all became one big pack and it be fun stayin at da Sammymans hoose. He make us feel so welcome it be just awesome. Pa say it da bestest fing somebodee be able to do be to open dere door and take in peoplee to dere home when day got nuffing left. Pa and Ma get a wee bit teary when day fink of what Sammyman and his staff done did for us all at dis time. It be real specual.
Dis be Sammymans hooman staff, day be Deb and Mark. Just incase you not now Deb be da pretty one and Mark be da real ugly one, he need some of my hair hehehe. Day be da ones dat took us in and we owe dem heaps.
Ma be nervus for quite a while cause she scared and me I ok, “Whats dat Pa…..tell da truf?” Ok I was real nervie as well everytime a loud noise me jump and run to Pa and da tail keept breakin and not workin any more. But I muck betta now tanks!!!
Well afta a while Ma and Pa decide day not going back to Christychurch and dat day stay in Mosgiel, dat da town dat day bof brought up in so it be home kinda. I was always wonderin where we be living and sometimes me worry a little for my future but I gotta trust Ma and Pa.
Afta we been way a while Ma be much happia and me be back to my cute waggy bestest, I feel so sorri for dose left still in Christychurch it must be so scary for dem but we have to do whats bestest for us and we hab.
We now got a place to lib all of our own and me now got all my toys back and squeaky balls and ALL my tennis ball, geez I didnt know justy how many me had. It been an adventure and me sorry me couldnt be bloggy but me and Pa just not able to get it done till today.
Fanks to youz all for your support ova da lastest few monfs and especialle Deb, Zac, Sammyman and the otha guy, whats his name…..Mark dats right cause wifout dem me has no idea what would have been of us.
Until next time…
Baxter BOL